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13 February 2013

The New KIM Glass

Founded in 1990, KIM Glass (P.T KWARSA INDAHMURNI) has grown to be one of the leading table glassware manufacturers in Indonesia. Supported by more than 800 employees, we produce an average of 180 tons of glassware daily. We have grown our customer base ranging from giant retail companies such as Walmart to wholesale distributors with a supply chain  to more than 30 countries worldwide.

After 20 years of developing, building and growing our products, we realize that it is time to rejuvenate our brand. Therefore we are more than proud to introduce you our new brand identity as well our new catalogue and website.

Our brand identity throughout the years:

Introducing the new KIM Glass:

our new logo features a combination of our initials within a circle that represents continuity of our company and products. A new blue and teal colour combination represents the clarity of of kwarsa crystal, which is the main component of our glassware products.

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Iriani, Marketing Director